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Los Angeles Professional Organizer

Creatively Neat is a Los Angeles professional organizing company whose goal is to help their clients improve their lives through organization, de-cluttering and establishing simple systems.

From a pile of papers or a messy closet, to an entire room, home or office, Ashley Moon Stanfield, Creatively Neat's founder, and her team understand the challenges when it's time to simplify and get organized. They can also assist with relocation and project management.

Never considered using a professional organizer?

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Overwhelmed by all the "stuff" you possess?
  • Can't find documents and emails on your computer?
  • Business not running as smoothly as you'd like?
  • Downsizing a lifetime of accumulation?
  • Moving and don't know which way to turn?
  • Feel there are too few hours in the day?
  • Have a storage locker filled to capacity?

Your Complimentary Phone Consultation!

Discover how we can help answer these or any questions you might have involving our four areas of expertise! Just give us a call at 323-673-1981, email us, or use our Contact Information Form to see how we can help match you with an organizer who specializes in exactly what you need.

Our Four Areas of Expertise

Managing all that life has to offer can be a handful. Hiring a professional organizer can work wonders, so why not check out our areas of expertise – Residential, Business, Relocation and Project Management – to see how we can make your life easier and more manageable – just click on the tabs above.


Whether it's a pile of papers, a messy closet, your garage or the entire house, we specialize in the art of de-cluttering – ensuring your space is both functional and livable! And if you're overwhelmed by the very thought of it, we can assess, prioritize and come up with a plan that works within your time frame and budget.


Is being unorganized getting in the way of you helping your clients or running a successful business? Being organized saves time and money. We specialize in paper and electronic filing systems, as well as maximizing space and overall efficiency. And, as always, we make it look good!


The great thing about adding a professional organizer to the moving mix is that it doesn't just get done- it gets done efficiently. We can even turn your unwanted items into cash with yard sales, consignment shops and e-bay; and take care of any recycling, shredding, e-waste, donations, or large item pick up.

Project Management

Need personal assistance for a few hours, days or weeks? Perhaps you've just had a baby – starting a new business – planning an event or party? We have over ten years of experience organizing events for businesses, non-profits, and individuals and a successful event requires planning, production, and organization.

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