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"I was going through a life transition and needed help de-cluttering my space so that I could focus on the future and not stay stuck in the past… Now my space feels more safe, open, clear and I am comfortable in my home- and confident to have friends over. More importantly, this experience released my internal clutter (gently guided, nurtured, and never judged by Ashley) and the creative juices are flowing. I highly recommend this service for helping you rid of any baggage, literally,  that holds you back from getting to the next phase of your own growth and creativity." -Gabriela G.

"My name is Cory Chalmers from (Steri-Clean, Inc.), and the Hoarders TV show. I have had the opportunity to use Creatively Neat's services on multiple occasions and have always had incredible results. Ashley is truly amazing and I highly recommend her for small and large jobs. If you need help with organizing, look no further! You will definitely get your moneys worth out of her. Ashley, thank you for all you have done for our customers, they are much better off because of you!" -Cory C.

"I have operated my business out of my home for 21 years.  I hired Creatively Neat to help organize my work and personal file system- about 4 and half years of my paper life.  It was not an easy task. Creatively Neat spent time understanding both my work and personal needs before developing a plan.  In fact, I was too busy to get my own file supplies and CN did it for me. Now when I enter my home office, it's a relief not having piles of paper and misc items everywhere.

I now have a custom designed day-to-day file system that enables me to find what I need in seconds.  I have access to historical files and the most current, important ones needed for my business operations.  I have Creatively Neat come every few months and maintain the system for me.  Next, I plan on having them go through my collection of paintings so I can give most to charity and get rid of more unneeded clutter in my home.

I must say, I feel relieved that I am now so well organized.  Having a Professional Organizer like Ashley really does help. It frees up my time to do more of what I want to do- and I'm much more productive.  I also feel secure and very comfortable with her presence and service.  5 stars for sure." -Tony P.

"I hired Creatively Neat because I knew I needed a professional organizer to help me with the condition of my garage, office cubicle, and home office.  It started with my garage- it was filled to the brim with everything I had just inherited from my relatives, plus my own personal items.  Creatively Neat came in and, with sensitivity, a system, and morale support, provided a painless transition to an organized and accessible garage.  I still store the things there that mean the most to me and, even better than that, I can get to them now!  We then tackled my office cubicle, with piles of papers that I tended to age for a year or two before putting in the round file.  Now all the papers have a home and I can find them quickly.  So many people have commented on how nice my cubicle looks now.  My bosses are impressed!  

We just made a stab at my home office too.  My home is where I relax and renew myself.  This goes more quickly now, knowing that everything has a place.  I highly recommend this service.  Sensitivity to what mattered to me- and delivery of creative organizing solutions- provided a truly painless transition from clutter and chaos to neatness and peace!  Ashley and all those working with her convey and deliver a treasure trove of solutions, in the most gentle, non-judgmental and thoughtful manner." -Heloise F.

"If you are in need of a professional organizer, Creatively Neat provides a wonderful service. Ashley has helped our company, myself and my husband's business personally with organizing tax and business paperwork to setting up filing systems and boxing & labeling. Ashley is trustworthy, reliable, very professional and a joy to be around. She works quickly, efficiently, offering creative ideas and incredible value at a very reasonable price.

I have recommended Creatively Neat to all of my business colleagues and friends who need a little extra clarity and order in their lives. From closets to garages, kitchens to storage units, and home studios to business offices- Creatively Neat handles it all!" -Rio P.

"I recently have transitioned out of a long term relationship and moved into a new apartment of my own.  I felt I needed some assistance in reorganizing my space.  I was turned onto Creatively Neat for some assistance. Ashley is great!  She helped to get my apartment feeling a lot more functional and de-cluttered!  I appreciate her attention to details. When it came to getting started on the de-cluttering phase she was thorough and yet also very considerate of my personal process through it. Once you've decided on what needs to go, she'll even take them to the recycling center or Goodwill for you.  I found that to be super helpful and quite impressive! I feel too busy to do these kind of things myself- hence the problem. Creatively Neat= the Solution.

If you are looking to getting any part of your home or office organized I definitely recommend using her services."-Melissa C.

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